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Dreamflower's Dribs and Drabs  by Dreamflower

A pair of drabbles, written for the Silmarillion Writer's Guild's "Back to Middle-earth Month" Week Three Challenge.

 Challenge:What are defining traits in a friend? Intelligence? Good humor? Integrity? Write a story, poem or create an artwork where a new friendship is built or old friends meet after a long time.

Surprise Visit, S.R. 1349

Balin stood outside the round green door with Gandalf. Bilbo's expression when he saw them standing there was delighful. Surprise, wonder, joy at seeing them were all mirrored on his honest round face. Balin smiled at the sight of the colourful waistcoat with its bright golden buttons-- much rounder than last he had seen it. Clearly Bilbo had prospered in the last seven years.

"Come in! Welcome!" Bilbo gestured them, took Gandalf's hat, Balin's scarlet hood. How different than that day they had first met, when Bilbo Baggins' only expression had been consternation.

What a difference sharing an adventure made!


Bilbo stared at the two on his doorstep-- Gandalf! and Balin! What a wonderful surprise to see them again! He smiled in delight: Gandalf, not changed at all; Balin's beard longer and whiter, his scarlet hood now trimmed with sable, his belt of golden plaques set with gems of every hue-- clearly Balin had prospered under the Mountain!

"Come in! Welcome!" Bilbo took Gandalf's hat and Balin's hood, hanging them by the door. How glad he was to see them! He remembered that day he'd met the Dwarf-- how flustered he'd been.

What a difference sharing an adventure made!

Author's Notes: From The Hobbit, Chapter XIX, "The Last Stage":
"Come in! Come in!" said Bilbo, and soon they were settled in chairs by the fire. If Balin noticed that Mr. Baggins' waistcoat was more extensive (and had real gold buttons), Bilbo also noticed that Balin's beard was several inches longer and his jewelled belt of great magnificence.

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