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Dreamflower's Dribs and Drabs  by Dreamflower

 Pearl Took asked for a Pippin drabble.  This one turned out to be a drabble-and-a-half (150 words)

First Breakfast

Pippin tied the belt of his dressing gown. It was faded and worn and it was too short now, although he thought that probably that was an advantage when it came to the sleeves—they’d been too long, and he’d had to roll them up, but now his arms were free, and he needn’t worry about dragging a sleeve through the fire, or the dishpan either.

He padded into the kitchen and built up the fire in the stove, and then took the kettle to the pump and filled it up and put it on. Then into the larder—there was the bread they had brought from the Hall, the eggs, some sausages, rashers of bacon, potatoes and butter and honey. Some toast and a nice fry up, that would do the trick.

Whistling cheerily he set to work. Wouldn’t Merry be surprised with their first first breakfast at Crickhollow?

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