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Dreamflower's Dribs and Drabs  by Dreamflower


Author: Dreamflower
Title: No Regrets
Rating: G
Theme: Lion and Lamb
Elements: impetuous/cautious
Summary: Merry looks back on his decisions…
Word Count: 100 (drabble)

No Regrets

All his life, Merry had known: Pippin was “the impetuous one”; he was “the cautious one”. He had been for as long as he could remember, recalling his parents’ funny stories of his plans to steal from his bed to Frodo’s as a faunt, the teasing when he packed early for a trip, or spent hours studying maps. For the most part, caution worked, plans bore fruit. Once only, he’d been impetuous. Once only, he’d thrown caution away and acted out of the passion of the moment.

But he’d never regret the instant he’d decided Éowyn should not die alone.

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