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Dreamflower's Dribs and Drabs  by Dreamflower

(Written for the great_tales Challenge 209: drabbles about fame; tied for third place.)

Title: Fangirls
Rating: G
Fandom: LotR
Character(s): Gimli; unnamed OCs
Summary: In post-Quest Minas Tirith, Gimli runs interference for the hobbits against a new kind of danger.
Author's Notes: This was really hard to keep to 100 words! This is about a little incident briefly mentioned in my story "Chance Encounter", but you don't need to read that to get this.


Gimli heard the giggles: four of them at the Citadel's side entrance. He blew out a puff of smoke from his pipe, and glanced at the Guardsman beside the door. He'd not moved from his position of attention, but bore a pinched look upon his face.

"I'll see this lot off, then," Gimli said.

The oldest might have been sixteen; "W-we have messages for the pheriannath!"

"Do you, then?"

They blushed.

He glanced at their slipper-clad feet. "You've no chance with them, lassies, not without furry feet. Can you grow beards? No? You might try the Elf, then."

They fled.

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