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Antane's Anthology  by Antane

Heart of Darkness by Antane

I have the power of light and dark and have used both

Iíve been touched by the black heart of everlasting night

And saved by he who has always been my light

Iíve been in torment enough to want to die

And healed enough to want to live

My friend, my brother felt the pull of the black, but resisted

He saw the promise as fantasy from the beginning

He has been ever strong

But I had already been pulled into that black pool to the point of drowning

It came to control me

The night became my day

The black entered my soul

The dawn did not come to banish to shadows

I had sent it away

I remember feeling trapped, the darkness pressing in on all sides

I remember struggling to breathe, but the black suffocated me

No escape, no way out

Slipping, sliding, I fell

I became a stranger, a demon, the enemy

I was to be the light that would destroy Sauronís darkness

The darkness fears the light

It boasts of its strength, but it cowers and flees from the bright

It trusts no one

It is isolated and alone, having only its own dark emotions, its own hatreds and rages

†††††to feed upon and like anything that feeds upon itself, it is consumed

But what light was left in me?

I have not ceased to fight since the first, but who was there to save me?

Who was left who I hadnít tried to destroy?

I had already tried to kill my best friend, my brother

And†the one I†said I wanted to save

Thatís what haunts my nights

And leaves me screaming in terror

That I could have hurt, that I could have killed my friend, the light to my darkness

That I did hurt him many times

My soul will carry the scars of those betrayals, the light itself, all my life

But I will also always carry my†brother's love

When we stood together in the heart of darkness and†the power overwhelmed me,†he remained firm

He pulled me out from it all

He trusted me, believed in me, broke into my prison

He held out his hand, his love, his life

He risked everything to save me

He wouldnít allow me to be lost

I could have held the world in my hands, but instead of that false promise,†I reached for the reality of his†hand

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