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Antane's Anthology  by Antane
A place for all my hobbity ficlets. I'm putting the rating as is because there may be some angsty stuff now and then. There'll be primarily devoted to Frodo and Sam, though trust a Brandybuck and a Took to show up at times! No slash as always. Latest: a little entry for The Birthday.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: A King's Thanks7
Chapter  2: Realization6
Chapter  3: A Little Comfort5
Chapter  4: Father's Day8
Chapter  5: Broken Wings6
Chapter  6: Heart of Darkness6
Chapter  7: Welcome Back, Sam!7
Chapter  8: Obituary7
Chapter  9: The Gift11
Chapter 10: Hope5
Chapter 11: Computer Problems10
Chapter 12: Frodo's Lament5
Chapter 13: The Garden5
Chapter 14: Independence Day5
Chapter 15: The Sound of Laughter7
Chapter 16: In the Tower2
Chapter 17: I Remember3
Chapter 18: It's All Right1
Chapter 19: Saruman's Last Trick3
Chapter 20: Bedtime Story4
Chapter 21: A Seat Among Them7
Chapter 22: Light to See By3
Chapter 23: A Most Sterling Recommendation1
Chapter 24: Presents5
Chapter 25: The Bestest Mother3
Chapter 26: Connected3
Chapter 27: Worth It3
Chapter 28: Signs of Life1
Chapter 29: Help From Above3
Chapter 30: The Never-Ending Argument4
Chapter 31: Light1
Chapter 32: To The End6
Chapter 33: Lights of His Life6
Chapter 34: Naked in the Dark3
Chapter 35: Flames3
Chapter 36: Rejected1
Chapter 37: Climbing1
Chapter 38: The Color Purple4
Chapter 39: Dreaming of the Sea1
Chapter 40: Riddles in the Dark1
Chapter 41: Lady of Light2
Chapter 42: A Choice in the Night3
Chapter 43: The Birthday Dragon3

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