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Antane's Anthology  by Antane

A/N:† This is in response to a prompt from a writing newsletter I subscribe to that said to write an obituary of your favorite fictional character.† Of course, I don't believe Frodo and Sam are fictional, but I chose them anyway. :)†

Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee died today on the island of Tol Eressea, in the Undying Lands of the West. "They accepted the Gift at nightfall," the Maia, Olorin, announced. The hobbits, two of the chief heroes of the War of the Ring who were instrumental in bringing about the downfall of Sauron almost a century before, died peacefully at the very respectable ages of 150 and 138.

The ones sung of in "The Lay of Frodo of the Nine-Fingers and the Ring of Doom", it was their task to get the One Ring the Dark Lord Sauron had forged to Mount Doom in Mordor where it could be destroyed. Their Quest was fulfilled, but the burden of carrying such an evil object for so long proved too much for Lord Frodo who was granted the extraordinary gift of being able to sail with the Elves across the Straight Road into the West, a land no other mortal of his age had been allowed to go. Thus he did, at the end of the Third Age, with his uncle, Bilbo and three of the other leaders of the war against the Ring, Olorin and the Elves Lord Elrond and Lady Galadriel.

Lord Samwise remained in Hobbiton of the Shire for sixty-two more years where he and his wife, Rose, raised thirteen children and he served seven terms as Mayor. When his wife died, he, too, took the trip West to reunite with his beloved master, who he had faithfully served as gardener and companion.

The Ring-bearerís heart stopped first as he rested in the arms of his servant and best friend, then did Lord Samwise's. Two bright lights were seen flashing briefly in the heavens at the time of their deaths. They were buried together atop a hill facing east, the direction of their beloved Shire which they had so sacrificed so much to save.

"The example of the greatness and purity of their love will never be forgotten," Olorin added. "They will be greatly missed."

Lord Frodo leaves no survivors, but Lord Samwise is survived by his thirteen children and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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