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Antane's Anthology  by Antane

Hope by Antane

"For the return journey."

Oh, my dear Sam, you still have hope

You say it as though it was obvious that weíd be coming home

As though no other option has occurred to you

I donít say anything

I donít want you to know that I gave up hope long ago

I donít want you to lose what you have

It is the only thing keeping me going

I feel like Iím in a race

I must destroy the Ring before it destroys me

And Iím losing, Sam, Iím losing

If you gave up hope, I would gladly surrender my burden and lie down to die

I wonder if that will be my fate anyway

I see other paths before me than you do

And all of them are dark

The only light there is is coming from you

And I want so much to follow that and not what is pulling so hard on my soul

Help me, please, Sam

Yes, Mr. Frodo, I still have hope

It comes from watching you

Iíve watched for months now

Youíve grown more and more weighed down by the tremendous burden you carry

But every day you move forward nonetheless because you carry it out of love

You may think you are losing this battle

But, my beloved master, you are winning

Each step you are take toward Mordor is a step toward victory

I know you feel like you cannot go on

Take a rest then, rest in me, and let me carry what I can

I share this journey with you, but I want to share your burden also

I can see and feel how much this is changing you against your will

And I want nothing more than to be done with this as much as you

So we can return home

So you can smile and laugh again

So you can be whole again and not torn in two

If hope does not last, I will lay down with you to die

But I donít think that will happen

I wonít let it

You are my inspiration, Mr. Frodo

Let us gone on

We will return home

And you will smile again and you will laugh

And you will know peace

Come on, dear, just a little further...

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