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Antane's Anthology  by Antane

The Garden

There was once a garden

Full of flowers of all sorts, colors and scents

Full of sunshine and calling birds

And in its center, a white bench

A solitary hobbit liked to look and work around the garden

Or sit on the bench and remember

Always wishing to see someone come around the corner

But the one he longed for was never there

He listened for a voice he hadnít heard in so long

But in his memory

He walked at times slowly in that garden

Sometimes by himself, sometimes with another

Sometimes in the rain

So it could hide his tears

He continued to pour his love and hope into the garden that

Had always been tended for another,

The one so long gone, but never from his heart

One day, he told himself, one day I will see him again

So he went on, waiting, tending, watching, learning

Hoping, praying

One day

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