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Antane's Anthology  by Antane

The Sound of Laughter

Samís thoughts as he wakes after the Quest. Movie verse.

I woke to the marvel of hearing your laughter, so deep, full, joyful and alive! A more beautiful sound I donít think I had ever heard and never expected to hear again. It was like rain falling onto a parched land and I soaked it up. I lay there for a long time just listening to how happy you sounded.

Then I couldnít bear not to see you for myself. I got up and stood at the threshold of your room and just looked at you, not noticed at first. You were all right. You were clean and washed and so bright and beautiful, you could have outshone the sun. I could have looked at you like that all my life and been content. You saw me after a little bit and your smile faded some, but your face grew soft and tender. There was much our hearts and eyes spoke, things others will never know. But for all to see was how very much I love you and how proud I am of you and I saw your love for me. You did it, my dear. You did it.

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