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Antane's Anthology  by Antane

Connected by Antane

A/N: I†originally wrote this when I was a Star Wars nut.††Just came across again last night and I thought hmmm...† It was first about platonic love so I think it fits Frodo and Sam well, but if you want to see it as Aragorn and Arwen or Faramir's love for Eowyn, which I think fits well also, at least in most parts,†feel free, since they are all pure loves, even the romantic ones.† It's just not slash.

I always knew you were mine

Didnít matter how I knew

I knew

We were two souls looking for a home and finding one in each otherís hearts

From the point we met, we became the closest of friends, not to be parted

You gave me a refuge in your heart and soul and you found one in mine

It was as though we had always known each other

And that made me wonder

How did you relieve, just by being near, the ache of loss that had always been a part of me?

Why did I see myself when I looked into your eyes?

Why did I feel at home when you looked at me?

Why did, when you took my hand, it felt like it had always belonged there?

I found no answers, but then I realized it didnít really matter

I just knew that my search had ended

From the first, you have been my other half, my reflection, my mirror, my echo, my strength

I love you

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