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Antane's Anthology  by Antane


After all I've done to you, dear Sam, you still wish to save me.  You still love me, even though dark soul I am becoming.

I held Sting at your throat, I would have killed you, but you still forgave.  When I realized what I had tried to do to you, that I could have smothered the light that shone so brightly from you, light to conquer any darkness, light I tried to destroy, I shrank back in shame and horror, but you reached out to me and led me back to the light.  I was good once, and thanks to you, I can be good again. You freed me from self-loathing, loosened the chains that imprison me, cleansed my life and my soul, restored me by your faith in my goodness that the Ring is trying so hard to destroy. When I haven't been strong enough to fight it, when I have been lost in the blackness, you still have found me and saved me.  You have reached in through it all as though it were nothing and released me. 

I beg you, please, Sam, continue to shine brightly for me for we still have a long way to go.

And the shadows continue to deepen around me.


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