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Antane's Anthology  by Antane


For the February 2011 Hearts and Flowers LOTR Genfic Community Challenge

Elements: unrequited love, broken heart, flower: hollyhock
Summary: Thoughts of a particular shieldmaiden

He would not have her. She had thought she had found a way out, a way to be something more than just a nursemaid to a tottering old man, no matter how beloved. But it was not to be. He had gone off to follow deadly paths from which there was no return. She felt her own heart die within her, as dead as it had been before he had come. She determined then that there would be no return for her either. She would ride with the others of her uncle’s household, for wasn’t she a shieldmaiden?

Her brother wasn’t quite sure what to make of the hollyhock he saw at the table where they had supped, but it was enough to disturb his heart to seek her out, and even more not to be able to find her.

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