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Tales of Life  by Aelaer

Prompt Thirteen: Change
Fic: Blossom
Rating: G
Late June, 3019

A bright summer sun set down on the distant horizon, its last rays of light shining upon the White City. The dimming light caused the long shadows to lengthen ever more as the sun sank lower and lower. As Anor's last rays began to disappear on the horizon, a lone figure exited from the Citadel, and quickly walked through the Court of the Fountain. He suddenly stopped in the middle of the courtyard, right near the newly-found sapling of the line of Nimloth the fair.

The King sat himself upon the bench next to the young sapling, and gazed thoughtfully at it. It was around three feet high, and already the sapling was in bloom. This little tree, it was the symbol of a new Age, a sign that things were going to change all for the better; it was the sign that he had been looking for.

His gaze turned from the sapling and to the North, where lay Pelennor Fields, the Rammas Echor, and beyond that, something that would change his life forever.

Well, someone, that is. Yes, she would be here very, very soon, and her coming would mark great change to everyone.

As the sun finally set over the horizon, and the last light of day disappeared, a smile came upon his face. Long has Gondor been without a queen; a great change it will be for the country... and for him.

He was ready for it.

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