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Tales of Life  by Aelaer

I am pretty sure this is my first time writing young Aragorn for these prompts (with the exception of flashbacks). Young Aragorn fics were never something that interested me a lot, so I suppose this is good practice.

Prompt 40: Sick
Ficlet: Wild Child
Rating: G
Outside the Last Homely House, 2936 TA

Let the rain fall down
Everywhere around you
Give into it now
Let the day surround you
You don't need a reason
Let the rain go on and on

"Estel! Estel, child, come inside now!" Gilraen called to her son from the covered porch, a shawl wrapped around her. She held it closer as the rain grew heavier.

The boy looked at his mother with an impish grin. "I love the rain, nana! It feels nice." He stuck out his tongue to the sky and let the large raindrops fall upon it.

"You will catch your death out there, Estel! Come inside right now!" Gilraen sighed with impatience as the five-year-old simply waved at her and ignored her command. He ran around on the grass, laughing at the world about him. The woman stilled as she watched him laugh, wishing Arathorn was there to hear it. Shaking herself out of her dismal thoughts, she called to him again.

"Do not make me come out there and bring you inside myself," she warned. Whether he was too immersed in his play to note her or was simply ignoring her she did not know, but he continued to play in the rain. He went over to a small brook that ran beside the house, threw off his shoes and waded in it, giggling.

Sighing, the young woman put her shawl on a bench and made a step towards him. A gentle hand on her shoulder stopped him.

"This is no venture for a lady, Gilraen," Elrond said with a smile. "Allow me."

"Master Elrond, that is-" was all she managed to say, but Elrond was already out in the rain and halfway to the boy. She could not help but laugh as the elf lord caught Estel in his arms and carried him to the house without a word.

When he was on the covered porch, he set the child down. "You should know better than to disobey your mother, Estel," he chided the boy. "She is older and wiser than you, and it is your duty to obey her."

Estel said nothing, but his cheerful countenance was gone and he hung his head. He started to shiver from the cold water, and Gilraen rolled her eyes as she hung her shawl around him.

"Now you shiver and are sure to catch a cold. Let's get you out of these damp clothes before it turns into something worse." With that she led him into the Last Homely House, Elrond behind her.

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