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Tales of Life  by Aelaer

Prompt 55: Temper
Ficlet: Toys
Rating: G
Minas Tirith, 10 FA

"What is the meaning of this?"

The room fell silent as the King's stern voice broke through the bickering that came from the two small figures in front of him.

"Well?" He glanced at the broken toys that lay at their feet, and then back to their faces.

"Eldarion broke my doll," five-year-old Eleniel said with a sniffle.

"You broke my orc!" her twin rebutted angrily. "She wasn't sharing, Ada!"

"I was playing with him!"

"No you weren't!"

"Yes, I was!"


"Silence, both of you," Aragorn said softly, but his tone immediately hushed the two children. "Where is Candes?"

"She's sick, Ada," Eleniel said softly. "Nana was with us today."

"Where is your mother?"

Both of them shrugged. "She said she would be back soon," Eldarion said.

"Good." Aragorn glanced from one face to another, and then again at the broken toys at the ground. "Now do you two want to tell me how you managed to break your toys so carelessly?"

Eldarion kept his head down as he explained the situation. "Eleniel was playing with the blocks. My orc needed someone so the Ranger could rescue him. She wasn't using the doll."

"I was using him," the young girl interrupted. "I was building his house for him and his family."

"You weren't playing with him, though, and the house was taking forever to build!"

"He was going to help me build it!"

"Children," Aragorn interrupted them, and silenced their protests with a single glance. "It does not matter who started it- what matters is how it ended. You both do not appreciate these toys enough to treat them with care." He picked up the stuffed male doll and the wooden figure that Eldarion had dubbed as an orc. "These toys can be fixed, but you will not see them until you two learn to respect one another and take care of your possessions. I expect better behavior out of both of you." He glanced at each child sternly as they nodded. Eleniel sniffled and Eldarion bit his lip.

"I have a meeting to attend; we will be discussing your behavior further at a later time," he said firmly. His children merely nodded, and with one last glance, Aragorn left the room.

I dedicate this to my parents and to all the fights they have broken up between their children throughout the years. Thank you for your parenting- wouldn't be the person I am today without it!

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