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Tales of Life  by Aelaer

Whoops. Meant to publish this earlier and forgot to press the publish button.

A sequel (and likely a conclusion) to the small series that started with Prompt 41 and continued with Prompt 50. Aragorn comes to Elrohir to apologize.

Prompt 63: Siblings
Ficlet: Reconciliation
Rating: G
Imladris, 3001 TA

A few days had passed since the sons of Elrond came home, and Elrohir had not sought out Aragorn since their first encounter. During meal times he would not talk to him, and while Elrond knew that a rift lay between them he could easily guess why Elrohir was angry with the Dúnadan. He did not, however, seek to mend the rift just yet; he trusted that his sons would do it themselves in due time.

Aragorn, in truth, was not quite sure how to approach the subject with the peredhel. He could not remember the last time the younger twin had been so angry with him; usually it was the elder who had a shorter temper. With the elder the situation would usually blow off within a day or so, and no words beyond a simple apology needed to be spoken. With Elrohir, however, he was slow to anger and slow to forgive, and the man could think of no words that could possibly mend the breach between them.

In these days he went to the library for comfort, for he enjoyed reading and often did not get the chance to do so in his travels. It was six days after their encounter when Aragorn found another in his sanctuary.

Elrohir sat beside the balcony, and while there was a book in his hand the man deemed that the elf's thoughts were anywhere but the words on its pages. Aragorn abruptly stopped in his tracks, unsure whether to stay or leave and find another unoccupied area. Before he could make the choice, however, the elf spoke.

"I know you are there, Aragorn; not from me can you mask your steps, even after so long."

The man silently approached his foster brother, halting a couple of feet before him. He was hesitant in making the last few steps for he did not know if he was welcome. Elrohir saved him the trouble from making a decision when the elf stood and turned to face him.

"You have always been perceptive," said Aragorn.

"Perhaps, but not on this." The peredhel's was stoic as he looked upon the other. "Why?"

"Elladan did not tell you?"

"I did not ask, and he did not say."

The man nodded; so the elder had left it up to him to say. "I- I was afraid," he answered truthfully; he would not deceive Elrohir purposefully over such a matter.

A flicker of emotion passed over the other's face before his stoic facade returned. "Afraid of what? Surely not of Elladan and I."

"Say not of you and your brother, but rather your anger and disappointment."

His stoic expression fell as enlightenment came to him. "This is about Arwen." A nod from the man confirmed this. "This whole time- this whole time it has merely been about our sister?" Another nod. "Ai Estel! Do you not think we know our sister?"

"So said your brother to me."

"Our brother, you oaf," cried Elrohir as he caught Aragorn by the shoulders. "By the Valar, Estel, think you that we would have rejected you for her choice? Think you so little of us- of me?"

"Nay!" said Aragorn with a hurried shake of his head. "Nay, rather I was the fool and remembered little of the first decades of my life I knew you."

"Foolish indeed, brother, but both Elladan and I were fools for not thinking of her as your reason for your avoidance in the first place," said Elrohir. He suddenly engulfed the man in an embrace, and Aragorn gladly returned it. "Promise me never again to assume our thoughts without speaking to us first!"

"That I gladly promise, Elrohir."

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