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Tales of Life  by Aelaer

Shadow. Truly evil and dark and... usually somewhat angsty.

That would have come to be if I had never read a story by Shirebound.

Prompt 64: Shadow
Ficlet: Brothers
Rating: G
Imladris, 2934 TA

Gilraen had looked truly exhausted that morning, and Elladan needed not to ask why. It was the anniversary of Arathorn's death. A year had passed upon Arda Marred and while the world little changed that last year the effect his death had upon the young woman was obvious. She seemed older and carried more cares than was usual for someone of her age. On this day, however, she looked worse than ever before.

It was for this reason that he offered to care for three-year-old Estel for the day. She offered little protest, which was unusual; offers to help were often gently, but firmly shot down by the capable woman. Elladan was quick to take the little boy away so she could rest.

"You are going to play with me today, El-dan?" he asked as he trotted by his side.

"Yes Estel," said the peredhel with a smile, "for a while I shall."

"Where's El-hir?"

"He's in the library; do you want to go and see if he'll play with us?"

"Yes please!" Estel said with a smile.

The two quickly found themselves at the library, and there they found Elrohir reading a book concerning Tuor and his deeds. He looked up and smiled when he saw the two walk in.

"You seem to have a new shadow, Elladan," he greeted.

"So I do," said his twin. "Estel wanted to see if you would like to play with us."

Elrohir's eyebrows rose. "Where is Gil- ah," he said as he recalled what day it was. "Well, I suppose I can put this down and play for a while, if Estel wishes it."

"I would like that very much," he said respectfully. He glanced at the book with a slight frown. "What were you reading, El-hir?"

"Only some family history," said the peredhel with a smile. "Come, little brother, let us go play."

Estel shot Elrohir a large smile as he rose from his chair and gladly he walked in between the two peredhil, his smaller shadow lost among their large, protective ones.

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