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Tales of Life  by Aelaer

I like making Aragorn's life as difficult as possible. That's simply a fact. When he is a boring politician in times of peace finding such difficulties is not as hard as one may think.

In the end, it's all for my own sick amusement. Poor guy.

Prompt 66: Wildlife
Ficlet: The Gift

Rating: G

February, Late 10 FA

Princes and leaders from all parts of Middle-earth began to arrive weeks ahead of schedule for King Elessar's 100th birthday party. The first to come were Elladan and Elrohir leading a small delegation of Elves and, to Aragorn's surprise, a delegation of hobbits. Samwise Gamgee, his wife, and their five children came with Meriadoc Brandybuck and his wife as well as Peregrin Took and his wife and child. He greeted his friends and their families from the Shire with joy, though his foster brothers he greeted with less enthusiasm.

"This whole event has clear signs of you two written all over it," he hissed at them.

Elladan only laughed. "Aye, but it was your beloved who called for our help early last year."

Aragorn could only shake his head. "I thought she loved me."

"She does," Elrohir said with a smile. "That is the reason why she planned this."

"You three are terrible," was all he could mutter in reply.

Soon after them came some of his kinsmen from the North, as well as representatives from Lórien, The Lonely Mountain, Eryn Lasgalen, and Dale, and after them arrived representatives from the South. Each came bearing gifts for the king of Gondor and Arnor which he accepted gratefully. One gift, however, left him at a loss for words.

"Ada!" said young Eldarion a couple of weeks before March 1st. His father was currently trying to finish up some work before the week-long celebration began.

"Ada!" Eleniel repeated as she came into the living room right after her brother.

"There's a... a..." Eldarion fumbled for the correct word.

"It's called a momul... I think," Eleniel said.

Aragorn, now thoroughly distracted by the two children, put down his papers. 'Why did I even bother trying to work outside of my office?' "Isn't Candes supposed to be minding you two?"

"She was distracted by the momul, Ada," Eldarion said solemnly. "We came to find you to see it."

The three were suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door. A page entered and informed the king that a delegation bearing several tribal leaders from Harad had arrived. He told the page he would be with them shortly- but first he wanted to see this momul.

His children quickly led him to a window that had a clear view of the Pelennor, and it was there that Aragorn saw the momul.

"Children," he said softly, "it is called not a momul, but a műmak by the people of Harad. If you were to ask Master Gamgee, he would call it an oliphaunt."

"Oh," said Eleniel softly. "It is large!"

"And it is wearing a lot of things- why is that, Ada?" Eldarion piped in.

"Many of the Haradric tribes decorate them as such for various occasions. This one is decorated as... well, as a gift." He did not like the sound of that.

"Oh!" Eleniel said gladly. "That must be your birthday present!"

No. He did not like the sound of that at all.

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