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Agape's Attempts  by Agape4Gondor

The Vanishing Point

“What did you say her name was, Boromir?”

“It matters not.”

“I know this melancholy has naught to do with Father. He has been in Dol Amroth for a month.”

Faramir shifted on the hard stone ledge overlooking the Pelennor. The sky, crystal blue as he’d ever seen it, caused him to shade his eyes. Anduin cut through the farmlands below like a great blue-grey ribbon.

“You have been less than sanguine since she returned to Harad.”

A peregrine dove past his cheek. Faramir smiled. “I remember. She was named after Nevrast’s lake of birds. Linaewen. You miss her.”


A/N: Linaewen could have been of the line of Hador from the First Age. Perhaps her ancestors escaped the fall of Beleriand and returned east. I don’t think Boromir knew her lineage.

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