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Ancestress  by Dreamflower


Chapter Forty-six, Adamanta's Children: Maura

For ten years, we thought our family complete; our oldest children were courting and we thought ourselves ready to be content as grandparents. Briar Rose wed at thirty-two, and the whole village celebrated the wedding. The feasting and merriment went on far into the night and nigh to morning.

Tūk and I retired after seeing the bridal couple to their new home, a smial built into our hill by her Uncle Gamba and her brother Būk.

That night I dreamt my Lady Yavanna spoke to me: "Little mother, the time has come for you and your beloved to bring forth one more child. Do not regret the loss of your freedom, but rejoice in the blessing it will bring to all."

I wakened Tūk gently. That night I quickened for the last time. A son.

He was born in the autumn at dawn. He had such a wise look in his infant eyes that we named him Maura. Fair of skin with dark chestnut hair like his oldest brother Raz, he resembled his father greatly. His eyes were deep blue when he was born, but settled into a calm blue-grey.

Like Buttercup and Bildad, he had a generous and loving spirit, but he was more solemn than they, often moved to tears by the plight of others. And he loved learning greatly; he could never get enough of stories and songs and lore.

He was twenty-one when Galasgil returned. They became fast friends. When the Elf decided after a time to return to the Greenwood, Maura asked to go with him. We agreed, on the condition he return before he came of age.

And so he did, learned and wise beyond the ken of most hobbits; but he was greatly respected and became his father's greatest councilor in time.

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