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Ancestress  by Dreamflower


Chapter Forty-seven: Understanding

A silence fell as Adamanta finished. Her expression was distant, glowing with the memories of her beloved children. Tears had gathered in the corners of her eyes, but they did not fall.

Frodo turned to gaze at her, concern on his face. Bilbo had taken her hand and was patting it absently, but she did not seem to notice. Frodo breathed in deeply, and said "It must have hurt very much to leave them."

She startled, and looked at him in surprise, as if she had forgotten that he was there. "No, not when I left. At the time I was hurting far too much from the loss of their father. And they were no longer young; I was already a great-grandmother. Yet after I came here, the loss of my children hit me as well. I grieved that I had left them without word or care for their own grief. And I grieved that I would never see them again, nor know what came of their families."

The Lady Celebrian came and knelt before Adamanta. "I too left my family behind. I was fleeing the pain and grief of Ennor. And I, too, came to regret leaving my children behind once it was too late to change my mind. While I hope that I may yet see my sons, I know that I will never see my daughter again in all the long years of Arda. Arwen is lost to me."

Adamanta looked at her. "Yes, I think that you understand. Yet you know that your daughter has found her happiness, and you may yet have word of her life-- as I, beyond all expectation have finally had word of how well my own children fared." She placed her other hand atop Bilbo's and turned to smile at Frodo.

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