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Ancestress  by Dreamflower


Chapter Forty-eight: Life By the Sea

Frodo and Bilbo found a quiet and pleasant rhythm to their new life in the West. For Bilbo it was much like the life he'd led in Rivendell, living under the roof of Elrond Half-elven; he spent his days at home in his quarters for the most part, and his evenings in the Hall of Fire. But it had changed in other ways. Elrond's household was quite different now that he had been reunited with Lady Celebrian, and Bilbo was delighted to see how his old friend's whole mien had become brighter since his reunion with his beloved. Also Bilbo had more correspondence than he had in Rivendell. A few who had met him had found it delightful to exchange letters with him, and he was pleased to increase his knowledge of Arda's history while satisfying their curiosity about his life as a mortal in Middle-earth.

Frodo, too, found the time for scholarly pursuits and writing; he was surprised to discover that he had his uncle's gift for poetry after all. Most mornings though, and some afternoons, he spent walking by the Sea. It fascinated him, and the music of the waves soothed him like nothing else. He loved to find shells and other things washed up on the shore, and occasionally even went to swim in the salty waves, an experience that was nothing like swimming in the rivers or ponds of the Shire. Sometimes afterwards he imagined he still felt the motion of the waves when he would lay down at night to his rest.

Adamanta and the Lady Celebrian often joined him in his walks, sometimes one or the other, sometimes both. He enjoyed his talks with Adamanta, especially, but when both the women walked with him, he preferred to listen to their speech to one another.

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