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Ancestress  by Dreamflower

The Tower

The two of them left as the dawn was touching the East and the stars still lingered far beyond the Pelori to the West. The two of them always walked to the Tower, rather than riding. They passed silently through the streets; many Elves were already about the business of the day, and smiled and waved to the two familiar figures, but did not seek conversation. They continued on, pausing briefly to eat and drink their provisions at the side of the road. The Sun was high in her journey when they arrived at the Tower.

As always, Frodo was awed by its pearly gleam even in broad daylight, and its deceptive simplicity. The tower was smooth as glass. They faced an arched door of finely grained wood, the grain matched to create a pattern. The lintels of the door were carven in an intricate design of twining vines and leaves. At the very top, the tower was pierced by four arched windows--each facing a different direction. Other than that, it was completely smooth and featureless. It was a marvel of Elven design, and though he had been here before, it still amazed him 

He entered behind Gandalf, following him up the spiraling staircase that led to the top, where were kept both the Seeing Stones on this side of the Sea. The one he viewed was the one that had come back on the same grey ship as he.

Twenty years had passed since he had left the Shire and come to these shores. He had come to love his life here, but the Shire would never completely leave his heart. Now he missed it badly. 

He stood before the palantír with Gandalf's hand upon his shoulder, and readied himself for the sensation of flying across the Sundering Sea.

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