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Celeritas' Birthday Bash 2010  by Celeritas

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who has ever read anything I've written, especially in the past year.  Bonus points if you've put up with my whining and/or decreased productivity from the previous year.  We will see if things get easier next year, but I have my doubts.

One month ago I placed an announcement requesting prompts for my birthday. I received fifteen, which, added to the final "for everyone" prompt, meant a total of sixteen.  Once again I am pleased to announce that I got them all done before my birthday ended.

Below are the prompts:

Marta: what I'd *really* like to see is some fic (or ficlet, or whatever) where
the characters deal with the question of, what is canon. 

Kaylee Arafinwiel: I was pondering what sort of welcome Sauron and Saruman would receive from Eru Iluvatar once they were defeated for good...even being cast into the Void does not mean Atar could not find His wayward Children! 

Dreamflower: I'd like to challenge you a little.  I know your usual hangout is the Fourth Age Shire.  I'd like to take you backwards in time a bit. 

I'll give you a couple of prompts from the ToY, and you may choose which you would like!

2340: Isumbras I becomes the thirteenth Thain, and first of the Took line. The Oldbucks occupy the Buckland.

2683: Isemgrim II becomes tenth Thain and begins the excavation of the Great Smials.

(Or if you would prefer, you could deal with the apparent mathematical discrepency *wink*)

Cathleen: Will you write a fic surrounding the events when the troll fell on Pippin?

Linaewen: I am a big fan of Boromir, and I would like a wee tale on what Galadriel might have been offering him when she tested him and other members of the Fellowship upon their arrival in Lorien.

Nautika:  I'd like a *happy* story if you please, about the Fellowship including Boromir or - if you prefer - any of the characters and Boromir. Doesn't have to be funny, but no melancholy, please!

Armariel: Something about Eomer would be nice.

Larner: A ficlet in which two who usually hate one another find themselves having to cooperate.

Pearl: Are you able to just write something for me?   Just Hobbits doing Hobbity things will be fine. :-)

Rosie: Something about hobbits, hopefully with Strider and Gandalf after Strider has become King.  In the Shire for some reason.

Raksha: Faramir interacting with any (or all) of the Fellowship hobbits in Minas Tirith would be great, either Ring War, post-Ring War, Fourth Age; or even meeting hobbits in the North (I'm certain that the Steward of Gondor might make a diplomatic visit or two to the north-kingdom). 

Linda Hoyland: I would love something featuring Aragorn,please.

GamgeeFest: How about something with Sam, Rose and their children. Doesn't have to be all their children, and it doesn't matter what they're doing.


Rhyselle: I'd love to see a ficlet about Merry's courtship of Estella Bolger.  I've toyed with that period of his and her life a bit, but I'd love to see your take on it.


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