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Celeritas' Birthday Bash 2010  by Celeritas
Celeritas' second fandom-birthday, celebrated in true hobbit fashion by the gifting of 16 ficlets.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Author's Notes and Prompts1
Chapter  1: Historiography, Part One - for Marta4
Chapter  2: Jerusalem, Jerusalem - for Kaylee Arafinwiel4
Chapter  3: Keeping up with the Brandybucks - for Dreamflower3
Chapter  4: The Retinue of Sir Peregrin - for Cathleen6
Chapter  5: Temper-ment - for Linaewen5
Chapter  6: Roadside Entertainment - for nautika8
Chapter  7: Siege - for Armariel5
Chapter  8: Minding Other Folk's Business - for Larner3
Chapter  9: A Midyear's Day Feast - for Pearl Took4
Chapter 10: His Century - for Rosie3
Chapter 11: Historiography, Part Two - for Raksha4
Chapter 12: Achilles Heel - for Linda Hoyland5
Chapter 13: Patchwork - for Gamgeefest4
Chapter 14: The Peculiar Romance of Rangers - for SkuldNevermore4
Chapter 15: One Dance - for Rhyselle3
Chapter 16: Reconciliation - for all6

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