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Celeritas' Birthday Bash 2010  by Celeritas

The Void is not simply nothing.  True silence, silence beyond self, would drive one mad—am I mad?  Was I mad?  Mad-is-not-madness-is-it-manic-is-it-mine…


No.  There is something other there, something not-me, not-mine-no-no-noise, and it does not speak though it is not silent.

The merest suggestion is pain, like jamming a square post into a round post-hole, so different it jars the mind (what-is-mind-is-it-mine) and it takes time (what-is-time) to not-jar it and think into the not-silence and the not-nothing.

(Am I mad?)

Then, after, one can probe at the memory, like jamming a finger into a wound, and it stings and it makes one ill but thought is possible.

Other not-speaks a name which burns with the memory, no, no memory, memory is mad-memory-is-mum, and to know the wound one must know the name…

But there are other words, as well…

Verb second person singular imperative.  Familiar?  Familiar, not formal, and pain at the thought!

Noun, singular, allative, signifying motion towards…

Home.  Come home.

No, the Void is not nothing, and since it is not nothing it is possible to fly, to float from Other, to banish the thought, the memory, into an area that is not here, not me.

The Void is not simply nothing.


Jerusalem, Jerusalem… How often I wanted to bring your children together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you didn’t want to!  Matthew 23:37 AAT

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