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Tiny Tales  by shirebound

HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE: Include the words pumpkin, spider web, spooky, ghost, bloody
Word Count: 100

Aragorn removed the bloody bandage from Frodo’s arm.  “The gash is not deep.  You said he fell while trying to avoid a spider web?”

“Yes,” Sam said worriedly.  “The alley was dark and spooky, and he tripped on some broken stone.”

“Spooooky,” Frodo giggled, then yawned hugely.

“When’s that pain tonic going to wear off again?” Merry sighed.

“Soon,” Aragorn said with a ghost of a smile. 

“Look what I found in the kitchen!” Pippin strode into the room bearing a fragrant pumpkin pie.  “This will cheer Frodo up.”

But Frodo had fallen fast asleep, his head on Sam’s shoulder.

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