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Tiny Tales  by shirebound
Short ficlets written for quick challenges or inspiring posts on Livejournal. The prompt for each challenge can be found at the top of each drabble or short scene. A mix of book- and movie-verse. NEW! Young Elanor is comforted.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Conspiracy (Aragorn and Sam)6
Chapter  2: Concern (Aragorn and the hobbits)5
Chapter  3: Caress (Aragorn and Arwen)5
Chapter  4: Dream Come True (Aragorn, Arwen, the hobbits)8
Chapter  5: A Letter from Pippin6
Chapter  6: Something Unnatural (Frodo, Merry, Pippin, Sam)8
Chapter  7: Ranger of the North (Aragorn, Pippin)7
Chapter  8: Childhood Lessons (Sam, Legolas)6
Chapter  9: The Throne (Faramir, Aragorn)13
Chapter 10: In Sickness (Faramir, Frodo)10
Chapter 11: Narya the Great (Gandalf)7
Chapter 12: No Laughing Matter (Hobbits, Aragorn, Gandalf)6
Chapter 13: Companions of the Heart (Éomer, hobbits)6
Chapter 14: A Light from the Shadows10
Chapter 15: One Shining Moment5
Chapter 16: Paying it Forward (Bilbo and Sam)5
Chapter 17: Another Busy Day (Sam and Frodo)2
Chapter 18: Wrapped in Love (Rose and Elanor)3

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