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Tiny Tales  by shirebound

Challenge:  "Anniversary"
Word Count: 400

To Glóin, son of Gróin
Erebor, The Lonely Mountain
December 10, S.R. 1419

From Peregrin Took, son of Paladin
Tookborough, The Shire

Dear Sir,

It has been nearly a year since your son Gimli parted from you in Rivendell and we began our journey south in the company of my cousin Frodo Baggins. It is my fervent hope that Gimli has returned safely home. I came to know your son well, and thus I suspect that he may not have shared with you the full tale of his own valiant deeds over the past year. I am also afraid that, whatever you may have heard of him from others, you may hold much of what you hear to be either fanciful or lacking in possibility. I felt moved to write you so that you are assured that, truly, no tales could do justice to your son's valor, deeds, indomitable spirit, loyalty to his friends, and pride in his people.

There was not a race we encountered among the Free Peoples, including several of which I had not even dreamed existed, that do not now hold your son in the highest esteem. He earned the respect and admiration of kings and great lords, and of some of the oldest and wisest beings who yet remain in Middle-earth. He has also earned the lifelong gratitude, for what it is worth, of this humble hobbit of the Shire, and my family.

I am in debt to your son for my very life, but in all of our time together in Minas Tirith and the journey back north, he would accept neither praise nor word of thanks. I came to understand that once Gimli son of Glóin claims you as friend and companion, no more loyal or steadfast friend will you ever have, and no further words on that account need be spoken.

My kin will be told about your son, and honor his name. If I may be of service to you or your family in any way, at any time, be assured that, in the name of my friend Gimli, it will be my honor to receive word from you.

My deepest respects,

Peregrin Took

Postscript: Please let Gimli know that his “truants” arrived home safely, and hope to see him again. Until then, enclosed with this message is a package of Longbottom Leaf, which I trust he (and you) will enjoy.

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