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Tiny Tales  by shirebound

Challenge: Write a drabble about the unexpected. Take this in any direction you like. It can be an unexpected event, an unexpected bit of news, an unexpected meeting, an unexpected relationship, an unexpected kiss, etc.)

Author note:  I tried to weave several 'unexpected' moments into this wee scene.

Word Count: 100

“Arise, Sir Peregrin,” Aragorn said solemnly. As Pippin got to his feet, awestruck by the honor being accorded to him and Merry, he saw a twinkle in Strider’s eyes... and a hint of a tear. Suddenly overcome with emotion, Aragorn knelt and embraced his young knight before the hushed crowd.

“I am overjoyed that you live,” Aragorn said quietly, “and that your courageous deeds saved the lives of two noble Men who will return to their families only because of you.”

And from behind him Beregond and Halbarad bowed deeply, causing Pippin to blush to the tips of his ears.

(Yes, slightly AU... but such fun.)

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