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Lessons for a Young Hobbit  by Larner

R is for Research

            “Research seeks all information on a subject from all available sources.”

            “Dragons?” suggested Sam from his sums.

            “Associated words:  worm, wyrm, firedrake, cold-drake, hoards, Túrin….”  Bilbo scrawled each one.

            Frodo:  “Glaurung!”

            Sam:  “Eärendil fought one!”

            “The Battle of Sudden Flames!  Morgoth!”

            “You, Mr. Bilbo?”

            “Yes,” approved Frodo.  “The Lonely Mountain.  The Devastation.  Bard the Bowman!”

            “Now you can question individuals who have knowledge, or scan through books for any of these associated terms….”

            Frodo was soon scouring Bilbo’s library, slips of parchment in hand, having been charged to find at least twenty citations within it having to do with dragons.

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