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Lessons for a Young Hobbit  by Larner
Frodo Baggins, newly returned to Hobbiton as Bilbo's ward, begins his new studies under the old Hobbit's tutelage. And what lessons they will be! My Advent Calendar for 2011.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: A is for Arnor3
Chapter  2: B is for Books5
Chapter  3: C is for Camping2
Chapter  4: D is for Drawing2
Chapter  5: E is for Etiquette1
Chapter  6: F is for Farming1
Chapter  7: G is for Grammar--and Gardeners3
Chapter  8: H is for History1
Chapter  9: I is for Illustration and Illumination3
Chapter 10: J is for Judgment1
Chapter 11: K is for the King2
Chapter 12: L is for Language1
Chapter 13: M is for Mathematics0
Chapter 14: N is for Natural History0
Chapter 15: O is for Optical Illusions1
Chapter 16: P is for Poetry0
Chapter 17: Q is for Quenya0
Chapter 18: R is for Research2
Chapter 19: S is for Singing4
Chapter 20: T is for Tickling Fish1
Chapter 21: U is for Ungoliant1
Chapter 22: V is for the Valar1
Chapter 23: W is for Writing1
Chapter 24: X is for Xenophobia1
Chapter 25: Y is for Yule4
Chapter 26: Z is for Zigur6

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