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Lessons for a Young Hobbit  by Larner

Z is for Zigur

            “Zigur?  I don’t recognize it.  Where did you find this word, lad?”

            “Here, in Thoughts on the Akallabeth.”

            “Oh.  Probably Adûnaic, then.  I’ve a small grammar on it somewhere—oh, here it is.”  Bilbo drew a slim volume from a shelf and leafed through it, and his expression became grim.  “Oh, I see.  Not good, my boy.  Zigur means wizard or sorceror, and was the title granted the Lord of Mordor when he was captured by Ar-Pharazôn and taken back to Númenor as prisoner.  It’s best not to name Sauron the Cruel, lest you draw his Eye your way!”

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