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Through the Eyes of Maia and Wizard  by Larner

Written for the B2MEM Five Cards, Five Characters prompt:  TTT, Fangorn.

A Wordless Encounter


the Eldest,

sees him first,

the new White Wizard

come to supplant his brother.

For Saruman has forsaken his purpose,

and has forgotten also his very beginnings.

Dwelling in Orthanc, he would rule all others,

crushing those who would live free with iron fists

borne by the Uruk-hai, sent to level fastnesses and kings.


But Saruman of Many Colors has forgotten more than beginnings;

he's forgotten how even small roots can fell walls.

The forest's memory is longer than his own,

and it intends to redress many wrongs

wrought upon its groves and trees.

And Mithrandir, grey no longer,

watches Treebeard pass by,

knows Hobbits come

to encourage


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