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Through the Eyes of Maia and Wizard  by Larner
Gandalf-centric stories, begun to hold those tales generated by the prompts for the 2012 Back to Middle Earth Month Challenges, and now continuing on as the muse moves me.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Gandalf, the Instigator of Mad Careers5
Chapter  2: Cursing--and Blessing--the Stubbornness of Young Tooks5
Chapter  3: Denethor's Choice8
Chapter  4: And Just What is Death?3
Chapter  5: The Final Reckoning Approaches5
Chapter  6: The Unlikely Shiriff5
Chapter  7: The Blessing of the Brew2
Chapter  8: Realizations of Vision4
Chapter  9: White Ladies3
Chapter 10: A Wordless Encounter3
Chapter 11: Born Again5
Chapter 12: Murmurs of Encouragement3
Chapter 13: Yuletide Cheer4
Chapter 14: Toasts2
Chapter 15: Invitation to Comfort4
Chapter 16: Self-blame6
Chapter 17: Aching for Comfort5
Chapter 18: Finding Warmth5
Chapter 19: Reasons for Thanksgiving5
Chapter 20: Spring Returned4
Chapter 21: Dreams of Conquest3

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