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Through the Eyes of Maia and Wizard  by Larner

Written for the B2MEM prompt "Thrimidge" (May) on the Shirish card.



            Bilbo woke from one of his frequent dozes to find Gandalf seated across the tea table from him, waiting patiently.  The Hobbit sighed and stretched.  “I did it again, didn’t I?”

            The Wizard nodded, smiling.  “But what do I have to do that gives me more pleasure than waiting to continue our conversation?”

            “When I don’t even remember precisely what we were speaking of before I dozed off?”  Bilbo sighed and rubbed his eyes.  “I’m not even certain what day it is.”

            “May first—the first of Thrimidge.”

            “I wish I knew what Frodo is up to today.”

            Gandalf’s expression went distant, and then smiled.  “He’s officiating at Sam’s wedding at this moment.”

            Bilbo’s eyes widened in pleasure.  “He’s finally marrying Rosie, is he?  And Frodo is officiating?  How wonderful!  It calls for opening a bottle of Old Winyards if anything does!  My last bottle is there, in that cupboard.  Won’t you fetch it for me?”

            By the time Gandalf returned to the table Bilbo was dozing off once more, but he jerked himself awake again as the Wizard dropped the bottle noisily on the table top.  Bilbo squinted up at his companion and gave a crooked grin.  “It happened again.”  He sighed, watching as Gandalf removed the cork.  “Little Samwise Gamgee is finally marrying the one person he’s ever loved.  But why is Frodo officiating?  It’s not as if Sam were a Baggins.  I’d expect him to call upon Griffo’s services as village head, or perhaps Will Whitfoot as Mayor.”

            “Frodo is deputy Mayor, or so I have been told,” Gandalf said, pouring the last of the wine from the bottle into the two glasses they’d been using earlier for more mundane drinking.  “Do you think that Sam would agree to anyone else saying the words at this point?”

            “Humph!  Certainly not!  And it’s been exactly a year since Aragorn was crowned King of Gondor, isn’t it?  Do you believe that the decision to marry Rosie today was deliberate to commemorate that occasion?”

            “Why, you are right!”  Gandalf smiled more fully as he handed one of the glasses to Bilbo.  “To Sam and Rosie on their wedding day, and to Aragorn on the first anniversary of his accession to the throne of Gondor!”

            “And to my dear boy as deputy Mayor for the Shire!” Bilbo said, clinking his glass against the Wizard’s.  “May all of them know the joy of the day!”

            “Indeed,” Gandalf murmured as he lifted his glass to sip from it.  He watched the Hobbit take a drink and sit back more comfortably, then reached out to rescue Bilbo’s glass before it had the chance to drop from the slackening fingers as Bilbo once more drifted into a light sleep.  “And to you, my dear, dear Bilbo, you most remarkable of Hobbits!”

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