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Poetic Arda  by Mirach

The Ride of Rohirrim

The beacons lit
The oath gives speed
Horses and riders tall
The sparkling shield
On bloody field
We answer Gondor's call!

Kisses to wives
The last goodbyes
Who returns, we don't know
This is the day
When we can't stay
The King calls, we follow

The sea of spears
The sun sheds tears
Eorlingas ride to war
To the red day
To glory, fame
In the ancestors' hall! 

Rohirrim battle song (reuploaded into the collection from dA. You can download it as in mp3 here, I tried to record as I imagine it as a song. My microphone is not very good, and I can't sing well, so download the file and listen to it on your own danger)

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