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Poetic Arda  by Mirach

The Song of Aragorn and Arwen


Among the songs of waterfalls

in a valley green and fair

I sang the song of Lúthien

and spring was in the air.


Among the birches’ silver trunks

I heard your silent song.

And I saw youth and innocence…

…and I felt something strong.


In that moment I lost my heart:

forever it will dwell

enchanted in your tender palm

in spring in Rivendell.


The wind sang in the mallorn leaves:

each blade a small green gem.

I found no peace with summer breeze

in dreamy Lórien.


From distant lands under strange stars

I came weary, my feet sore.

I sought only rest from the war –

- and I found so much more…


You came to me like an elven king,

a white gem upon your brow.

And what I saw was a noble man.

And what I felt… was love.


Autumn has come to Rivendell,

the leaves will die and fall.

And I must go: to victory,

or to the end of all.


I watch you leave: as strong and wise

as a mighty king of Men.

And behind darkness, winter’s chill

I hope we meet again.


The path is dark, the shadow grows,

on the edge of hope I stand.

But I don’t fear, because my heart

lies safely in your hand.


The river sings about the Sea,

but I stay on this shore.

For, without you, there is no joy

for me in Valinor.


My Evenstar, you are my light

when darkness spreads its wing.

And after winter cold and bleak

I still have hope for spring.


Like in the woods of Doriath

the spring will come again.

You are my Beren, you’re my love,

and I’m your Lúthien.

Beren walked lonely in the woods of Doriath for the whole winter, until Lúthien returned with the spring. Now Middle-earth is falling into darkness and winter again - but there is love that reaches through it with hope. A poem for Teitho: Elven Realms (reuploaded into the collection)

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