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Poetic Arda  by Mirach

The Broken Sword


The light of Sun, the light of Moon

Glowed brightly in the blade

The seven stars from Varda's sky

Whose shine should never fade


The darkness fell with fiery gaze

Upon the shadowed land

But Sword and Spear in alliance

Against its evil stand


The broken sword, the shattered light

Of Sun, and Stars, and Moon

Yet still it has the strength to cut

The thread of evil doom


The empty throne, the tombs of kings

The future becomes past

And like a line in secrecy:

The shards covered by dust


The shadows gather, evil gloom:

The darkness stirs again,

Over the land, menacing cloud,

Dread returns to its den


But hand will come to wield the sword

Of one with the heart true,

And with the Flame of ancient West

The blade will flare anew!

Narsil: nar - "fire", thil -"white light" referring to the Sun and Moon

Andúril: "Flame of the West"

...on its blade was traced a device of seven stars set between the crescent Moon and the rayed Sun, and about them was written many runes... Very bright was that sword when it was made whole again; the light of the sun shone redly in it, and the light of the moon shone cold, and its edge was hard and keen.

(J. R. R. Tolkien: The Fellowship of the Ring)

- poem reuploaded into the collection from B2MeM 2010

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