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Poetic Arda  by Mirach

Gilraen's Lullaby

Sleep, my son
The night is a river
carrying you there
where silver stars shiver
On streams of dreams
to a land without sorrow
where boys have fathers
and the mounds are hollow
in dreams...

Sleep, my child
the sun hides till morrow
Her last rays a way
that elven ships follow
There, names are not secret
that can bring a danger
And father to child
doesn't have to be stranger
in dreams...

Sleep, my Hope
and hope of your people
Than mighty oak
your roots are deeper
Once you will know
the pride of the humbled,
the value of honour
and hopes of your kindred,
their dreams...

Sleep, my son
while darkness is soothing,
while you can rest
till the call of duty...
Once you will ride
to hardship and danger
and like your father
you will be a ranger
Now dream...

Sleep, my child
like in a nest eagle
when the stars shine,
distant and regal
Sleep, gain more strength,
and courage and strong will
that you will need
to grow and fulfil
all dreams...

Written for Teitho: "Mothers", reuploaded into the collection

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