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Second Chances  by Larner

Cue 4:  Role Models



            “What has your tutor had you studying today, little brother?”

            “History, and the lineages of the Kings and Stewards.  Tell me, Boromir, which of our forebears do you think you most resemble?”


            Eärnur?  Faramir could appreciate how Boromir would compare himself with that particular King, as impetuous and martial as Eärnur had been.

            “While you, little brother, remind me of Mardil Voronwë,” Boromir added.  “You are always the one faithful to what ought to be.”

            To know his brother thought him like Mardil was flattering, but Faramir felt more like Tar-Palantir of Númenor, desiring to restore his nation’s honor.

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