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Second Chances  by Larner
A place for drabbles written for the 2016 Back to Middle Earth challenges. Reusing the prompts from the 2009 B2MEM challenges.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Begetting Fire5
Chapter  2: Time to Think3
Chapter  3: A Story Begun4
Chapter  4: High-minded2
Chapter  5: Foresworn4
Chapter  6: Comfort in Music4
Chapter  7: Hearing the Tree's Call for Help1
Chapter  8: Her Precious Lad1
Chapter  9: "I'll Larn Him!"0
Chapter 10: "There's No Place like Home"2
Chapter 11: It is to Laugh2
Chapter 12: The Offer of Redemption2
Chapter 13: Spurning Help1
Chapter 14: How Could I Love but One Best?3
Chapter 15: Betrayed!1
Chapter 16: Lingering Too Long2
Chapter 17: "I Was Mistaken"3
Chapter 18: Importuned4
Chapter 19: To the Beloved Son of my Heart1
Chapter 20: Unprepared1
Chapter 21: Words Spoken too Soon2
Chapter 22: Left Alone2
Chapter 23: Rescue Initiated2
Chapter 24: A Feast of the Spirit3
Chapter 25: Papa's Return2
Chapter 26: Encouragement3
Chapter 27: Heirlooms2
Chapter 28: Sam's Birthday Blessing2
Chapter 29: Discord Sown2
Chapter 30: A Query1
Chapter 31: Finding Home2

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