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Second Chances  by Larner

Chosen cue 9:  Characteristics of the anti-hero - covetousness, dishonesty, conniving, cowardice, hubris.

"I'll Larn Him!"

            “That Strider—thinks as he’s the boss.  Goin’ t’learn different one day!”  Bill Ferny downed his pint and turned to signal Jace, the barman at the Prancing Pony, for more.

            “You think as you’re the one to teach him, then?” asked Harry, who kept the south gate to the town of Bree.

            Ferny shrugged.  “Don’t see why not, if someone else don’t beat me to it.”

            Harry laughed.  “Don’t see you confrontin’ no Ranger, Bill Ferny.”

            With a grimace, his companion muttered, “Just let me get the jump on him, and I’ll teach him right enough.  Just you wait!”

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