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Second Chances  by Larner

Cue 12:  Innocence -- open trust, anticipates the best, inexperienced with true evil.    

The Offer of Redemption

            “Why was he willing to let that Sharkey leave?  The fool tried to kill him!  Is Frodo really such an innocent as to think the brute would suddenly change and be good?”  Ned Boffin’s face was troubled.

            But Sam was shaking his head.  “Innocent?  Not after what that—thing—done to him.  But I thought the same when I watched him bein’ gentle with that Gollum.  Gollum and me was both thinkin’ him soft.  The more fools we!  Frodo saw right through him, but kept givin’ him the chance to go back to as him started, is all.”

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