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The Purple Path  by Dreamflower

B2MeM Prompt and Path: Purple path; Prompt--Day and Night (Square 11)

Format: Triple Drabble (300 words)

Genre: Family, Gen, Narrative

Rating: G

Warnings: n/a

Characters: Frodo, Bilbo, Sam, Gandalf/Olórin, OFC

Pairings: n/a

Creator’s Notes (optional): This triple drabble features one of my OFCs, Mirimė/Adamanta, a Maia of Nienna, formerly of Yavanna. She is the legendary "fairy wife" of the Tooks, for long ago she took the form of a hobbit lass and wed Tūk, the ancestor of all the Tooks. Frodo and Bilbo meet her when they dwell on Tol Eressėa after sailing West. Her story can be found in my WIP, Ancestress. All chapters are only 300 words.

Summary: Adamanta knows that her time with her great-grandchildren will come to an end one day, and she must make the most of her time.

She Who Watches

During the day, she was Adamanta. She enjoyed taking care of her smial, and of her guests, when Frodo and Gandalf and Samwise visited the Vale. When they were not there, she tended her garden and wandered through the grassy meadows and climbed trees and fished in the Water below the Hill where her smial was. Or she would go to visit the hobbits and walk on the beach with them or visit the shops and take tea with them.  She still missed Bilbo, though it seemed she had only known him a short time. She liked being a hobbit once more, and having her (many-times-great) grandsons come here had freed her of the all consuming grief of losing Tūk. Her sorrow was now but a dull ache instead of a sharp hole in her heart.

But at night, she left her hobbit fana behind, and as Mirimė, went clad in spirit to the home of Elrond, where her kinfolk made their home here in the West. There she would watch over Frodo and Sam, skimming their dreams and memories, getting to know them better. She would not intrude into that which they wished kept private, but only those thoughts they might share with her anyway, were there time enough and thought. As often as not, she was joined by Olórin. He did not mock her urgency to be with them as much as she could, for he felt it as well. Often he would gift her with tales that Frodo and Sam could not, of her other children, Ferumbras and Gerontius and Belladonna and others. She took comfort in knowing that even when Frodo and Sam slipped out of their mortal shell, she would still have one friend left who knew and loved them.


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