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The Purple Path  by Dreamflower
This will be an anthology of fanworks created for the 2017 Back to Middle-earth Month Gameboard Challenge. Each story takes me one square closer to the finish. Now continuing the "Concerning the Shire" entries from B2MeM March '17. Today: "Occupations, Business and Trade".
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Full Moon3
Chapter  2: The Rise and Fall of a Tyrant2
Chapter  3: The Advantages of Insomnia3
Chapter  4: Ungoliant and the Two Trees2
Chapter  5: Beyond the Dreams of Avarice2
Chapter  6: A Night By the High Hay 2
Chapter  7: Good husbandmen must moile & toile3
Chapter  8: Fruit and Flower1
Chapter  9: Rainy Day at Bag End5
Chapter 10: How May I Help You?1
Chapter 11: Day After Day a Good Day3
Chapter 12: The Perils of Perfection3
Chapter 13: She Who Watches 2
Chapter 14: Concerning the Shire, Part One: Politics1
Chapter 15: Concerning the Shire, Part Two: Education 2
Chapter 16: Concerning the Shire, Part Three: Occupations, Business and Trade1

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