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My Drabbles from Tolkien Weekly  by Mirkwoodmaiden

After the latest scouting report Thranduil sighed, rubbed his face and decided that was enough for one day.  He left his study and sighting one of his son's attendants he asked briskly, "Where is Legolas presently." Receiving the answer he strode towards the kitchens, curiosity piqued.  Upon entering all came to attention to acknowledge their king, all save a little cloud of flour in the center of the room.   

"Ada!" little Legolas then shouted joyfully, "I'm helping." 

"I can see that!" said the amused father, as he gently started washing his son's hands, removing evidence of the child's high spirits.


Nodding his thanks to the assorted kitchen staff who looked relieved that the little windstorm was being directed elsewhere and they could get on with the business cooking.

"Now my young princeling, it is time for a bath!"

Hearing the obligatory groaning, Thranduil quickly offered up, "Bubbles?"

The small child now excited for bath time ran to the communal bathing area.  They entered a small alcove. Bath time was their time together.  Legolas clapped his hands together excitedly as he saw the bubbles grow.  He jumped in the tub and bubbles flew. Amid laughter the little prince was scrubbed clean.


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