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Downpour  by Grey Wonderer 172 Review(s)
DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 30 on 2/20/2005
And a beautiful finish to the whole thing! Take a bow, GW! The encore was just as good as the first time!!

Author Reply: Thank you very much! I also thank you for all of these lovely reviews. It really does help to hear what others think of these and maybe after I get through letting Merry play at Sherlock Holmes, I will have to try another long one. I would love to write a long, amusing one, but I must think up a plot that allows it to be light-hearted rather than sad for most of the story.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 29 on 2/20/2005
Ah, the joyful reunion! I'm just grinning to beat the band!

Author Reply: I also love the happy ending bit. I start them out anxious to get to that part. I think that is why those short ones are most often what I write. Can't wait for everyone to be happy!

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 26 on 2/20/2005
Now it all starts to come together, just like clockwork--or like a well-plotted story.

Author Reply: Thank you! This really has been fun getting reviews on this one again. I am very glad that you enjoyed it a second time through.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 24 on 2/20/2005
Poor Beralos, sent to deliver the kind of news no one wants to give, and then seemingly meeting up with a crazy hobbit.

Author Reply: Yes, I did give that poor OC a bit too much to deal with, didn't I? It is tough work being an additional cahracter in these things.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 22 on 2/20/2005
Yay, Pippin! He's getting on with getting on...

Author Reply: You know Pippin. He will do what he thinks would make Merry proud of him, even if it is very difficult.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 21 on 2/20/2005
Puddles, huh?
Sick Merry is so cute.
And I like that he is on to all the things Frodo is trying to distract him with.

Author Reply: You know how very clever that Merry can be and this is a post quest Merry that Frodo is attempting to snow. That would be a very difficult thing to do even for Frodo. I haven't done a sick Merry too often, in fact my hobbits are rarely very ill, only in lots of trouble. LOL

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 19 on 2/20/2005
Poor Pippin! I love the way you depict his sorrow, and his wish for Frodo. For if he couldn't have Merry, only Frodo would understand...
Chubb's wife is a bit thick, isn't she? Pip's grieving for the death of a family member, and all she can worry about is being snubbed?

Author Reply: She was my attempt at one of the social climbers of our world. LOL You know, a bit of your version of Estella's mum? LOL I am glad Pippin's grief came across in this one. It is so nice of you to review all of this as you read. It lets me know if the story has held up well and it's like reading it again myself!

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 18 on 2/20/2005
Oh boy, more Merry h/c, and puppy-ness as well.
I am *so* enjoying re-reading this. It comes back to me as I read it, but I have forgotten enough that there are still some surprises!

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 16 on 2/20/2005
Oh I do *love* a bit of Merry h/c. I wonder has Anso ever read this one?

And I remembered very clearly the bit with Pippin and the frog and the children, but you know, I had forgotten what story it was in! Isn't that odd?
Your personification of the way the adult Pippin gets on with children is wonderful. He *thinks* he doesn't get on with them, but he does very well. He's going to be such a good father to Faramir one day.

Author Reply: I do like having children in the story even if the hobbits are grown. I also like Pippin with children. I have always thought he might get a bit flustered with them because he would have had less experience with them. Growing up, he was the child after all. LOL

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 14 on 2/20/2005
This is a nice little respite from the angst back at Brandy Hall.
I just love the bit with the puppy and Elanor. Sam's and Frodo's attitude about the pup is very like that of many people in rural areas, to whom dogs are supposed to be outside, *working* animals. I remember how horrified one of my aunts was about our allowing a dog to stay in the house. She thought it was "nasty".

Author Reply: I think dogs should be allowed in the house too. LOL All of the pets that I have ever had have been allowed inside. Also, much easier to keep the fleas off of them if they live inside. I did figure that Frodo would not be too thrilled about a pup in the smial. And Sam's practical background makes him a likely one to object also.

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