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Echoes  by Grey Wonderer 51 Review(s)
EstellaBReviewed Chapter: 12 on 4/28/2006
I'm in the middle of this, but it seems really good so far :)

Author Reply: Glad you are enjoying it. It is a bit different. Thank you for reading and for reviewing it as well!

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 14 on 8/21/2005
Hi, GW! I can't believe I found a story by you I had not read! I don't know how I missed it. I was filtering my browser on the MEFAs for stories I had not reviewed, and this just jumped out at me! This was utterly brilliant, both the idea of the "shared dream" and the pickle poor Pippin found himself in. I tried to be careful in my review over there, so I wouldn't give the ending away!

I do hope you are still considering a sequel to this--Pip deserves to find out who it was that gave his poor father such a hard time. And one other thing I thought of: Frodo figured prominently in both their shared dreams--I don't find it hard at all to imagine that perhaps he had some idea that they were in need of his help. After all, who's to say they don't have the equivalent of a palantir in Valinor? Or that Frodo, who was always so well acquainted with the life of dreams, might not have found a way to help?

Author Reply: Your review made me think of the sequel again. I had always planned a second one for this story, but when I originally posted this one, it got mixed reviews and I decided that it was best left where it was. I think some folks thought this was just too strange even for me what with the shared dream and the berries and all. LOL No one was more surprised than I was when it got nominated for MEFA. I am glad that you enjoyed it. I had fun writing Estella in this one and I did intend Frodo's presence to be a bit more in the second tale. Maybe someday I will write it, but I've no idea when. Thanks again for the review!

ChiggerReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 4/21/2004
Look at me! *gasp* I'm not reviewing every chapter! Please forgive me, but I didn't want to stop between each chapter. I wanted to hurry up and read. :)

Very interesting idea. It kept me rivited, when I could finally get enough computer time to read. :) I hope Pippin's term as Thain only gets better; and that they catch the bully in their board.

Again, I enjoyed your Estella and Diamond, both were wonderful. Merry and Pippin were both as good as ever. I just wish you had put in Faramir. :)

Sorry I'm so far behind. I'll try to read your other works soon.

Author Reply: Not to worry. I know how busy you've been, in fact it is a good thing to have a life away from the story-board. LOL Glad you enjoyed this.

I just didn't have the nerve to try Faramir at this point. I was worried that he might come of too much like Pippin or too much like some other author's version of Faramir. I have read so many with him that I worried about unconciously writing him too much like someone else would. I think it's easier with Elanor because you don't have to worry that you'll write her as Sam! LOL I have done so many with Pippin as a child that I wanted faramir to be different. Just couldn't come up with how different yet. Maybe later I can give him a try.

As to what you haven't read, both are short which is rare for me. One was done for the Challenge story and the other was just something for fun.

Take care, and thanks for reading!

ChiggerReviewed Chapter: 6 on 4/9/2004
Interesting little scene. ;) I'm so sorry that I've been lax in reading and reviewing of late. I read this chapter ages ago and yet I'm only just now letting you know. Horrible, isn't it? :)

Anyway, it was a great chapter, as usual, and I can't wait to see how in the heck this entire mess is going to get straightened out. My mind is still tied up in knots trying to figure it out. . . . Maybe I should just read the rest. :)

Just one thing. Right at the end of your chapter it says (read closely): ". . .there most defiantly was something funny. . ." I think that should be "definitely." :)

Author Reply: Thanks for the spell check. Don't worry about how fast you review on this one. I know you have been very busy, I just thank you for reading.
Take care,

ChiggerReviewed Chapter: 5 on 3/31/2004
Oh gosh, Stella's gonna find it, what it ever is. Maybe that's why this story is so much shorter than your other ones, errant muses who go flipping through other people's papers. ;P

Sorry it took so long to get back with you, but here I am. :)

I really wish Diamond could find some comfort somewhere; and I'm dying to give Pippin a wallop just to show him what a fool he's being. Once again we can say, "Fool of a Took!" But I wonder how he and Merry are faring at their little party . . .? ;)

One thing, the first word of this chapter is wrong. It should be Estella, not Esmarelda.

Author Reply: I had to laugh about the name thing! All this time and no one else noticed or bothered to tell me! I've missed you, Chigger! I fixed it right after reading your review.
Now, tell me, are you writing anything at present or is school keeping you busy? Look forward to more of your stories when you get the time.

HaiReviewed Chapter: 14 on 3/25/2004
Oh that was great! It sure had me confused there for a bit with Pippin's dream. I thought it must be a weird time thing but you were still writing what was going on with Estella, Diamond and Sam. How you can even come up with something this imaginative is beyone me! I loved the way Merry's watch was in Pippin's pocket and that Merry was having trouble figuring out if he had a dream, then the pudding at the end confirming everything! It was such a fun story, thank you!

Author Reply: So glad you enjoyed this. It did get a bit confusing at some points what with two sets of reality going at once, but I am glad you were able to sort it all out and that you enjoyed it. Thank you for the kind words. Also, a very big thank you for this lovely review!

ChiggerReviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/23/2004
Agh, still not answered. But still very interesting. I do wonder what is going on . . . very peculiar.

I loved Pippin's annoyance at being treated like a kid again; and Merry's seeming to keep a pretty cool head. I just wonder when this will end . . . hmmm.
I also loved seeing Frodo back again.

Sorry if this isn't very long or coherent, but I'm extremely tired all of a sudden and I really must get my prayers said and go to bed.

Another wonderful story, and I'll come back for more . . . sometime. It may be a few days in the future, but I will come back.

Author Reply: Get some sleep and take your time. I believe that you are still not sure of this one. Pippin and Merry will still be here when you are rested. Night, Chigger.

ChiggerReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/23/2004
OK, that was weird . . . no, that *is* weird. This is the most interesting little quirk I think I've ever seen. Hopefully things will be explained in the coming chapter.

Author Reply: Yes, it does get quirky. As to if it gets cleared up, well, you can decide if it truly does.

ChiggerReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/23/2004
Gee willies. This story isn't very bright, is it?

From a purely critical view, I enjoyed seeing both sides of the coin, if you will. Knowing what Merry's guesses are, and knowing what Pippin's worries are all in one chapter made for a very nice read.

But from a purely emotional view, this chapter was horrible! :P Well, not horrible, let's just say a little . . . depressing. Don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful chapter in all but the mood, which is very low.

But time is running low and I must get a few more chapters read!

Author Reply: Sounds like you are very conflicted about this one. I wonder which side of the fence you will land on. Let me know when you decide. It is a bit of a dark beginning and it does have a different feel to it than my other stuff so this one might not strike your fancy. I will be interested to hear you views.

ChiggerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/23/2004
I'm back. :) I'm writing this part of the review before having read the chapter and the few sentences I was able to grasp as I scrolled down already have me extremely interested, so I'm going to go back now. :)

Eek, what a wonderful way to start a story -- with a lot of bummed out hobbits. I hate seeing them so down-in-the-dumps, so I hope they at least crack a joke every now and then during the party. *half-hearted smile*

But I really like your Stella. So far she seems the kind of wife I would want for Merry. ;)

Author Reply: Glad you like Stella. I have never really written her before as none of my other hobbit stories have gone as far in time line as this one. This is a bit different in several ways. Oh, and don't worry, you know I am not the serious type so, some humor, or attempts at humor, are coming.

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